Beaufort Maritime and Energy Research Laboratory

The Beaufort Maritime and Energy Research Laboratory on Cork Harbour makes an L-shaped form with a tall research block and entrance stacked to the sea and a large tank hall with testing facilities behind it, its form driven by the size and relationship of the four testing tanks, used alternately still or agitated, with paddle mechanisms and profiled floorplates to simulate wave action, coastal erosion, ocean floor modelling.  Light is reflected up and refracted down. 

The tank hall roof – supported by 45m long trusses – was developed using a series of study models -  investigating how the mapping of folded geometric planes supported on clear span trusses can be resolved onto the plan, how shifts of different points of the roof planes advance the clarity of the idea. The research write-up spaces, seminar rooms and canteen hover between the artificially agitated water of the tanks and the natural wave motion of the sea. 

As featured on Arch Daily and Divisare and in Architecture Ireland

 Best Educational Building (Third Level)

Best Educational Building (Third Level)

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