Kishoge Community College

This College for 1000 post primary students is located on a peripheral site along a major distributor route in West Dublin, poised between the radial routes to Cork and Galway. It serves all adjoining housing districts and is the first post primary ‘Educate Together’ non denominational school in the country. Because of the inhospitable nature of the site it was essential to make a ‘place’ using the building blocks of the College itself, to maximise sunlight and views to the Dublin mountains while providing high standards of acoustics and natural ventilation, to create areas of intense social activity for students inside and out. Three ‘L’ shaped blocks are linked to generate hubs of movement and excitement interspersed with areas of calm and reflection, set around a south-lit courtyard space containing a small climate garden, and a series of east and west facing open ended courtyards for Special Needs and general sports and garden uses.  The 10,000 sq m of space are stacked in a series of monopitches, high side to the road to block sound and create a microclimate to the south making a welcoming entrance zone.