Shanid Road

This house is in Harolds Cross, on a wedge shaped corner site with a large garden on Shanid Road. The geometry of the site inspired a response which involved wrapping the existing house in a carapace that had to yield a master bedroom and a generous space for cooking, eating and entertaining. The brief had two components: an enormous bed, and for the preparation and sharing of food to be central to the home.

The carapace has a taut exterior and a flayed interior, like the concept of the Aran currach. Built economically in simple materials, the interior of the space reveals the steel structure and the timbers that span between them have been left exposed, as if the ceiling had been peeled off. This has all been painted white, and acts as a counterpoint to the simple surfaces at the lower levels, where oak and sharp blue tiles give a weight to the work areas.

A series of triangular roof lights take this geometry and shine light on the cranked double-height kitchen as well as the master bedroom on the first floor. The exposed roof structure is up-lit in the bedroom to give a sense of warmth and interest; a bath sits at one end with the enormous bed on a platform beyond and a dressing area in between. A tiny window in the bedroom wall looks through the new roof across the double height space and to trees beyond.

The kitchen is located in the larger volume, simple units sit orthogonally with the space sculpted around them. A square picture window addresses the terrace directly which when complete will become another place to eat. A long solid oak table slides in to a dining area in the crook of the plan, with a lower ceiling where candlelit dinners have real intimacy.

The garden is envisaged as a riot of vigorous planting – the next phase.