Mullingar - Decentralised Offices

This building forms part of the Decentralised programme for Government departments and is designed for the Department of Education and Science using a prominent site just outside Mullingar on the Tullamore road. The four storey prismatic form sits at the southern end of this green field site. A dominating presence from the main road, the project creates its own surroundings and extends the landscape setting of the project to make an environmental haven at the edge of Mullingar. The parkland and river are incorporated into the project and a seamless continuum established between them.

The core concept of the building lies in the provision of a new standard of flexible office and ancillary accommodation for the Minister and staff of the Department of Education and Science offering a wide and constantly changing variety of views and vistas across and between elements in well tempered and lit working environments; a variety of different working spaces in the building allow each section a clear and identifiable working environment and identity. Cross views through a series of dramatic and inter-related glazed courtyards and lightwells allow for a richspatial experience in three dimensions and visual linkage between these sections in a suitable and appropriate way. This provides an exciting and flexible environment for those working in the building - who have direct views to landscape or green courts.

The building form is broken open at ground floor level allowing access and air into courtyards and through routes – a generous bridge across the River Brosna signals the entrance from the road - nature literally extends from the site into the building form - building and site form a single entity.

The building is clad in a taut flush skin of glass, aluminium & stone panels.

MULL SECTS v2012.jpg