Digital Hub Masterplan

The Digital Hub Framework Plan proposed the creation of a 21st century city quarter around Dublin's nascent digital media industry on Thomas Street. The plan developed a network of new streets and public spaces behind both sides of the street, an urban layout without 'edges' connected into the surrounding streets. The layout re-utilized extensive numbers of existing buildings and defined new space against them by the insertion of long, linear blocks of accommodation, creating urban space in some part founded on the character of lanes and alleys which traditionally occupied the site. 

The new buildings, of varying heights, with towers at one end and extensive roof gardens, were arranged on the site to give a grouping of towers signaling the new quarter across the city. They were like free-flowing threads or strands of digital cable sliding and folding against one another. Set up as mixed live-work units with some commercial and educational uses, each block provided 'universal' flexible loft-like space. Cores were designed as digital standpipes for information and services which could be plugged into in a wide variety of ways. The Digital Hub project was carried out in collaboration with OMP Architects.