Dorset Street

The Dorset Street Project is based on a housing feasibility study carried out for Dublin City Council. The brief was to provide accommodation for the residents living in the existing 60's flats, as well as additional accommodation for senior citizens and private tenants. The main proviso was to enhance the living conditions for all in the complex as well as fulfilling Dublin City Council guidelines in providing external public and semi-private space, play spaces, safe access for senior citizens, seating and recreation areas, with the potential to open up some of the public space to the local community. 

The proposal seeks to promote a new way of living in the city providing apartments of varied size and orientation with views out over the city that also have generous private garden spaces. The blocks emphasise connections at street level using the existing urban grain, stitching the scheme into the locality while at the same time providing safe and sheltered external spaces, fragmented so as to enhance a sense of ownership and belonging.