House on Sea Cliff

Built in the former orchard of a Georgian seaside villa, a new house perches on a sea cliff over the old shoreline on the south side of Dublin Bay, looking across mature trees and the railway to the water. 

There are two simple, stacked forms suspended over and shifted at right angles to each other, the lower parallel to the sea, the upper perpendicular, pivoted around a double height entrance hall. Externally these appear as two blocks of solid matter out of which simple openings of shared proportions are carved, their solidity and weight underlined by a heavy pier propping the upper cantilevered block. Inside the sense of space is increased by the 8m high entrance hall from where the slight dislocation/disorientation of the shifting geometries at either level is sensed. 

Circulation routes and spaces are organised so that views run internally along the length of each block, or across the short axis to the sea and sky.