Institute of Engineers, Ireland

Engineers Ireland were concerned to develop a building that would resolve their increased office needs, conserve the best of the existing site, and support sustainable ideas. The scheme effectively rebuilt an existing two storey mews building, adding a new storey over it - effectively 'raising the roof'. A secondary archive and office unit was also built within the curtilage of the courtyard to Clyde Lane, giving a contemporary built urban edge to the outer world. The second part of the project rebuilt the garden, digging down and providing a semi-buried lecture theatre and link corridor.

The steel roof structure of the lecture theatre was canted to form an upper garden facade towards the house - the external edge was laid with timber and planted, blurring the boundaries between land and building. Rooflights penetrate to the cocoon-like lecture theatre below. From inside the existing Victorian house, the new building presents a timber and planted wall. This is also visible from Clyde Road itself.