Lincoln Place

Lincoln Place is a small office building in central Dublin. The space was required as an extension to a solicitor's office in an adjacent premises. The site was a very narrow triangle; the brief called for a maximization of the office potential within the given area, resulting in four separate office floors with a single connecting circulation zone. Dublin is a city of brickwork and the new building stands in the centre of a Conservation zone.

While there is no impediment to the design of new buildings within these areas, but the designs have to be carefully attuned to their location and express an understanding for the scale, increment and rhythm of the Georgian idiom. As a result, the new building is the same height as its neighbour. The facade reflects the varied rhythm of Dublin's Georgian streets, creating a moving, rhythmic skin which reflects the general material and proportional character of its context. The particular site and form creates a wall of glass, metal and masonry which absorbs and reflects the evening light of the city.

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