Mardyke Pavillion, University College Cork

University College Cork has a long sporting tradition played out on the Mardyke, on the flood plain of the River Lee. A brick pavilion - much loved, full of trophies - celebrated sport for over 100 years. This was extended for better changing facilities and to provide a room for prize-givings, speeches, and dining. A celebratory building in which to prepare for, watch and then celebrate sport.

The old building is built of warm red brick and slate. The new extension follows suit, grafted on but facing the other way, like a megaphone slung on a pole, acknowledging the river, the pitches and running tracks in a new three-dimensional role. The main room opens on to a new terrace, reflecting the verandah on the original. Slate roof planes fold the new volume into the old. At ground level, a pattern of recessed brick headers punch out sharp shadows. The pattern intensifies as headers are omitted to make perforated bands over windows. At first floor, smooth planes of flemish bond frame the terrace towards the pitches; long piers to give a filtered view through trees towards the river.