Newmarket Masterplan

The Newmarket Area Framework Plan for Dublin City Council concentrated on an inner city quarter of Dublin with a significant industrial past and an interesting 17th century urban grid. Traditionally located at the edge of the city, its plan is an embedded edge condition- an intense narrative of dense streets directly adjacent to fields used for bleaching linen. Recent road initiatives underlined its peripherality by inserting a busy carriageway isolating it from the rest of the city. 

The Framework Plan proposed a new quarter for working and living- not a decorative 'urban' world, rather a place of ordinary life in the shadow of architecture where workshops, studios and repairs shops spill across open space. A radical conservation plan sustained the two-dimensional plan form and prepared a radical three- dimensional expression a network of new four and five storey urban blocks around the main square ( which maintain its traditional proportion ) crowned by a field of 10- 15 storey residential towers. This glass and masonry composition will be seen across the city- the signalling of the renewed quarter; the plan also proposes a unified approach to sustainable energy solutions- credible in the context of the comprehensive development option. Overall building height, footprint, materials , the location of towers within each block, character and proportions would be controlled within a framework plan context.