Time and Architecture: Three Films and Three Rooms 09.2015 - 10.2015

Cervantes Institute, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2.

Some of this exhibition In Dublin took the form of wall-mounted panels but the focus was on three specially -constructed plywood screening-rooms, within each of which a film is projected; the three films correspond to the tripartite thematic organisation of the architects work. Each of the screening rooms were constructed with the minimum uncut raw materials in plywood and softwood, left untreated so that the changing light unfolds across the mottled surface; each room has two entrances- different locations in each one, so that the visitor enters and leaves lengthways or crossways, travelling between them on plywood causeways, passing narrow urban alleys between. The film forms an essential part of the architecture; the position of the camera is always fixed: it never pans, and any movement derives from incidental and contingent occurrences – a gust of wind, a car in a street, an office worker wheeling out a bin into a backyard.  Time passes; the building endures- or slowly invisibly falls away.