McCullough Mulvin Architects is an innovative contemporary architecture and urban design practice based in Dublin, making schools, libraries and galleries & houses, working to redefine the public realm, dealing with Ireland's diffuse light and stark materiality. Architecture is based around a considered search for form to support new ways of living and working, making a specific response to site and place, walking the line between ordinary and extraordinary. Every project is different, shaped around landscape, the sea, the geography of small towns or the particular character of their home city of Dublin- houses, urban structures and public buildings that reflect the spirit of the city.

The practice has an unusual combination of interest in contemporary architecture and old buildings, being Grade 1 conservation architects; there is an exploration of the resonance between old things and new ones, relationships explored in projects like Waterford and Rush Libraries, the Model Arts and Niland Gallery or the Dublin Dental Hospital. The work of the practice is extended by publication - on typologies (A Lost Tradition), the process of change (Palimpsest), the city (Dublin: An Urban History) and the work of the practice, and by teaching, lectures and research in Ireland (UCD, DIT, UL, QUB), the UK, USA, Scandinavia, Poland, Spain (La Coruna), Tenerife and in ETH, Lausanne, Switzerland.


The practice retains an interest in the phenomenology of architecture and construction in social and cultural contexts. Recent projects been carried out in the midst of Ireland's economic downturn and changing procurement rules; one outcome is the inclusion of PPP ( public/private partnership ) projects such as Ballinamore School- and a renewal of interest in the re-use of existing structures; another is the experience of projects starting then stopping as contractors fail. Projects have to be re-started, practically from scratch, constructing a version of earlier intentions; others stand as unfinished structures, awaiting a new impetus. This arrested incomplete form creates its own investigation of architectural intention and process, as can be seen in the images of the Dublin City Morgue.

 Directors: Niall McCullough, Valerie Mulvin, Ruth O'Herlihy                                                                                          Associates: Ronan O'Connor, Corán O'Connor