Rush Library

St Maur's Church dominates the village green on the Western edge of Rush: Fingal County Council commissioned McCullough Mulvin Architects to transform it into the town library. The work combined investigation and conservation of the existing structure with a particular concern for the rescue of ordinary materials, making a distinctive intervention into it ,an undulating walnut plane which fills the nave, the shape barely contained, pushing tensely against the older shell. 

On plan, it is like a clump of seaweed, reference to its marine location; in section, it forms an inverted U, the space between, formed like a city street, deforms the route from entrance to 'altar', forcing it to meander, glimpses of a coloured termination lost and found again. 

Externally, the churchyard became a garden, strips of concrete inset with names of the town and library interspersed with channels planted with grasses and vegetables, the spirit of the graveyard - and the towns agricultural basis - extended for a new generation.

As featured on Archiseek and Archello