Senior College Dun Laoghaire

A new third level college is to be located in Blackrock, Co. Dublin incorporating the Town Hall, Canrnegie library and VEC school. A fine composition of 1860 and 1905 buildings, all Protected Structures. An L-shaped addition, which completes an implicit urban block, creates two planimetrically equivalent but spatially distinct courtyards - one glazed, one open.

The new building is without formal entrances to allow the Town Hall retain this role. Elevations avoid hierarchy by giving equivalence to all rooms behind, allocating a number of window modules according to the functions, with one exception - the glazed atrium - expressed as a giant scaled eye at the upper part of the front and rear facades. Windows are held as full vertical openings between a matrix of expressed floor plates, and slide along, abacus-fashion, to their allotted positions in the matrix. 

The Carnegie library is extended to double its size and on completion will be the public library for Blackrock. The internal spaces of the protected structures are sympathetically refurbished and appropriately matched with new uses. The major interventions - courtyard and glazed atrium - are used to create light canons which make a focus of new social spaces for college students.