Tubbercurry Library & Civic Offices

The Tubbercurry Civic Offices and Library project was built to provide public services for the people of South Sligo. It contains Local Authority offices, facilities for the Health Board, a library, as well as courtroom space for the Western Circuit. The site is urban, located on a side street near the town square. It was formerly occupied by houses, two of which were retained in the project. The houses were small, lightly imprinted on the ground, but had long gardens running in plots back from the street - luxuriant, overgrown, generous fingers of space. 

The project was an opportunity to explore modern concepts of urbanity in a small Irish town. The front facade is set into the street and the plan opens back into a series of narrow fingers echoing the original house plots, inviting access deep into the scheme. Space is held between two floating planes. The building is covered by a single undulating zinc roof like the horizon line on the local landscape. It is interrupted by roof-lights - large segments cut and folded up, smaller circular lights over the library. 

The ground floor is stepped like a piece of open ground with the floor plate folded down in a ramp. Two floors of office accommodation are incorporated within the envelope at one side. The rectangular plan can be accessed at several places, including a ramp which runs from the car park and is threaded through a narrow throat of space into the lobby. Further routes are set between grids of structure and screens from the front out to the car park at the rere, where their line is visually extended in the paving.