Westport Fire Station

The Fire Station in Westport houses three appliances with ancillary spaces. The form derives from its site and function. The Station is built into the slope to minimize its impact but also to provide a walkway extending along a causeway from a public car park to an entrance in the upper level. The scheme uses the slope to serve the function. The fire service enter and leave the building at the lower level to the front. the public enter and leave from the upper level at the rere. Both are connected by an internal staircase. 

The building appears to grow out of its environment, emerging from the hill as an extension of the natural formation. The causeway extends the geography to the rere. A tongue of tarmac emerges from the engine bay and folds down to a seating space by the bridge. Its extent is pinned by the drill tower, a vertical element read against the sunken horizontal of the station facade.