Palimpsest - Intervention and Change in Irish Architecture

By Niall McCullough

Palimpsest describes the concept of something layered over something else - usually in a painting; the same idea applies to buildings, which are often changed and altered after construction, becoming an intricate weave of old and new. Palimpsest: Intervention and Change in Irish Architecture - is a radical re-appraisal of the Irish architectural tradition, showing that many buildings which seem complete are actually the outcome of careful and intelligent change carried out over several generations- a mark of cultural and social continuities in Irish history and an striking example of sustainable re-use. Palimpsest is heavily illustrated with drawings and photographs of Irish buildings and structures which will, in the main, be unfamiliar to an interested public.

  • ISBN: 0951536419
  • Author: Niall McCullough
  • Publisher: Anne Street Press
  • Published: 2014
  • Price: €29.95
  • Availability: In stock - contact

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