McCullough Mulvin Orange


McCullough Mulvin Orange is a site-specific art project taking place across five venues in central Dublin in September to October 2017. The exhibition features a series of new works by artist Mark Orange specially made for the project, each produced in collaboration with architect Niall McCullough.

The works, in audio and video, are being presented at some of the key Dublin buildings designed by McCullough Mulvin over the past 20 years, each of the venues hosting one work, installed in the context of the building and its everyday usage. Venues include Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, the Long Room Hub and Ussher Library, Trinity College, and the Irish Architecture Foundation, Bachelors Walk.

Mark Orange’s enquiry takes five buildings in Dublin and focuses on one of the architects who designed them. The architect - interested in the city, in architecture place and memory - is called on to revisit the structures after a period, to look on them or explain them. The result is recorded - visually and aurally. The resulting tapes are presented in the buildings; they vary considerably - one is of the architect’s digestion; in another he stands on the roof staring into the city skyline, in two more there is an exchange of words; subject and enquirer never visit the fifth, though it is close by - there is no explanation why. Visitors are then encouraged to walk between the sites.

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