• E3, Trinity College Dublin
  • Sciences de la Vie, Lausanne

Competitions are the lifeblood of ideas in architecture - they offer architects choice in an increasingly regulated world - this, not that, is the one you want to do, stretching the mind through exploration of new functions and sites; thoughts developed in competition emerge sooner or later, are re-examined - occasionally built. Competitions in Ireland and abroad form a core aspect of the practice’s work - whether the result remains a shining idea on a shelf or gets to site like the Thapar University complex - currently under construction.

    The premiated schemes for the extension to Murnau Town Hall in Bavaria and Ostrava Art Gallery are transformations of older buildings- the latter in the old city slaughterhouse- the plan a huge cruciform incision through site and building; like Ostrava, Malahide Cricket Club- a new facility responding to the explosion of interest in cricket in Ireland- deals with landscape , making a pavilion reflecting a bouncing ball attached to a huge circular enclosure. The E3 Learning Foundry in Trinity College – designed with Wilson Architects in Boston and Martha Schwartz Landscape - was a whole new approach to 21st century collaborative education in a dramatic stacked ‘treehouse’ forming a new heart for the Trinity East end.

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