Douglas Hyde Gallery

This exhibition space was designed for the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Nassau Street, Dublin. Designated 'Gallery 2', the room has provided a new focus for the lower gallery and has allowed for a series of innovative exhibitions using multiple media types. The space is intentionally neutral; it has flexible lighting and hanging systems to allow for a multiplicity of exhibition options. Its particular character derives from its relationship to the main gallery - the small space as an intense counterpoint to its much larger volume - and in the design of its access door.

Like a camera aperture, the moving panels form a total of sixteen variations of openings to the gallery supporting different approaches or controlled views to work contained within it. The door can be seen from the Nassau St entrance to the Arts block and forms an interesting counterpoint with the Long Room Hub which sits beyond the Arts block. It is like a changing focus for each exhibition, a lens that adjusts to calibrate the content of each exhibition.

  • Awards: 
    • 2002 AAI Awards 17 - Special Mention
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