Dublin Dental Hospital: Embedded Space

Occasionally, projects come along in the life of a practice which open doors to building in solid form ideas already germinating in drawings and conversations; architects always carry unbuilt forms half - realised in their heads, elements unproven, awaiting material shape. The Dental Hospital project was of this nature, a very particular response to a specific urban situation, hollowing out a terrace of Georgian buildings in central Dublin to create a series of offices and meetings rooms, but its intent - and the ideas behind the work- were deeply rooted in the practice’s interests over time.

This book is extensively illustrated and includes essays by Brian Murray, Niall McCullough, Kevin Donovan, Sander Nelissen, Aidan Dunne and Ruth O'Herlihy.

  • ISBN: 978 0948037 863
  • Publisher: Gandon Editions
  • Published: 2011

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