McCullough Mulvin Films for Open House Dublin 2020

McCullough Mulvin Films for Open House Dublin 2020

We are delighted to contribute to this year's Open House festival with two films - one about the newly opened Butler Gallery in Kilkenny, and the other as part of the IAF's "Site Specific" documentary series about Dublin.

The Butler Gallery opened in August under the "new normal" conditions. The film, made with Ste Murray, explores the layering of the building and its walled garden in this unique context, which forms part of a new public space for the city - the buildings are transformed by the art contained within: an exciting new destination for art in Ireland and beyond.

In "Site Specific", Dyehouse Films wonderfully reveal the personalities, processes, complexity, creativity and transformative impact that surround the act of designed space. Taken individually, each video has something of the condensed power of the short story. As with the best short stories, it is through the intense focus on the particular qualities of a particular space at a particular time, that much larger social and cultural themes are illuminated.

Both films can be viewed online at

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